No, you can setup the price in advance. Once setup, your customers will see the new price for that activity after the specified date.

Yes, we have active API integrations with TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Yes, we supply a free gateway that can connect to any merchant service! We do have a preferable merchant company if you are unhappy with your current credit card processor. We also offer a 6% at checkout addition fee set up where by there is not monthly fee to use the system and also no credit card processing. The system use is completely Free.

It is up to you. in the beginning our answer was no way! Our pricing tier is based on a flat fee, not a percentage. As time progressed we realized many in-destination operators like the simplicity of charging a ticketing fee at checkout. 

We have two payment options: Standard Flat Monthly Fee or PonoPay (completely Free – not even a charge for processing 6% fee charged at checkout).

There are no limits to the amount of activities you can have for your company in your account.


Yes, but you will need to get a Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup first. This will allow information to flow easily from GTM to GA.

You are able to add a Facebook Pixel to the checkout and confirmation pages that will retarget those that do not book.

You can add your custom javascript code to the checkout and confirmation pages to send data back over to Google AdWords.


The credit card information is encrypted and only stored for 30 days after the activity date.

We have the system encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

There are user roles built in the reservation software that limits access to all aspects of the system. You can also adjust these roles to customize each user.

Yes. As part of our compliance, every 90 days you will be required to change your password.